Indoor bumper car business investment costs

Now a lot of people feel that the prospects indoor bumper car good ground network, want a piece, most people think that as long as the one-time 300,000 investment of indoor children's Amusement Park Rides can be, the next thing is to wait for the money a. If calculated according to the daily traffic, count 50 yuan per person a month, there are 15 million, deducted labor costs, as well as four or five million of income housing money and so on.

Amusement park rides problems arising in production and use

Amusement park rides factory in the production of product, design staff will conduct a comprehensive consideration to occur when you use future operational problems are taken into account, so as to produce a safe, reasonable structure amusement park rides to ensure the normal operation of playground safety.

Amusement park rides for sale

1, the production process problems

Some small manufacturers take large amusement park rides list, because of lack of factory space, production manufacturing environment in the open air, and sometimes have to catch up period or encounter rain weather, site workers will face regardless of whether material or covered with drops of water rusty, still continue to produce, this will directly affect the quality of amusement park rides amusement park rides for future operations planted a security risk.

De acuerdo con el mercado al momento de elegir juegos mecanicos

Los buenos juegos mecánicos deben ser capaces de dejar que los niños juegan en el proceso puede continuar manteniendo sus propios intereses, no puede jugar por algún tiempo después de que el niño no se puede reproducir, por lo que finalmente condujo al resultado es la pérdida del verdadero significado de JUEGOS Mecánicos, Juegos Mecánicos decisiones, en el momento de la producción, desde muchos ángulos diferentes a tener en cuenta, por un largo tiempo para mantener el interés en el juego de niños, por lo que los niños pueden ser más feliz.

Selon le marché lors du choix des manège forain

Les bons manège forain devraient être en mesure de laisser les enfants jouer dans le processus peut continuer à maintenir leurs propres intérêts, ne peut pas jouer pendant un certain temps après que l'enfant ne sera pas jouer, de sorte que finalement conduit au résultat est la perte de la véritable signification de manège forain de loisirs, les fabricants d'équipements de loisirs, au moment de la production, de nombreux angles différents à considérer, pendant une longue période afin de maintenir l'intérêt pour les enfants jouer, de sorte que les enfants peuvent être plus heureux.

Considerations when purchasing bungee

1. elastic rope must buy latex products, instead of rubber products, must be imported special;

2. Be sure to select the national standard steel pipe, rather than the use of galvanized pipe, wall 3 mm, talent enough to bear the weight of the child;

3. In addition to the Bungee Trampoline rope fixed outside, be sure to add diagonal pull stalk stability to ensure adequate safety trampoline;

Detailed introduction of Mermaid and roller swing cabin amusement park rides

Mermaid amusement and gaming machines roll pendulum cabin is that we often see in an amusement park for kiddie amusement park rides, more loved by children and adolescents. For more information about these two amusement park rides, see below.

amusement park rides

Mermaid Amusement is simulated on billowy sea, mermaids and a group of dolphins in the game design. Fan-shaped circular table tops are made of hinged eight dolphins type color cloth seats, circular turntable rotating curved rail along the circumference of the three peaks, eccentrically mounted in a fan-shaped table of eight seats along their circular Track free rotation. When circular turntable rotates, all seats in the role of centrifugal force and gravity, both with circular turntable circular style revolution, but also the rotation itself. In the case of circular turntable for rotating waves, these seats Jihuan uneven rotation. Tourists sitting in the seat, sometimes slow rotation, even stagnant, like on a calm sea; sometimes rapidly rotating, like strayed whirlpool rapids, can not be independent, thousand with him changed, that people like to play in the waves swimming - general.

The distribution of the main lubrication points of large amusement rides

Large amusement rides is usually distributed outdoors, need to experience the wind and sun, for a long time there will be some rust phenomenon.In order to ensure the normal operation of the amusement rides, you need the proper lubricant. Then for large amusement rides lubricants you need to add in what place?

Only in general terms by class distinction, each machine maintenance personnel need to control their own facilities to find out in detail the specific lubrication point for implementing the operations, the following is the distribution of amusement rides lubrication points: First, the internal combustion engine, an air compressor tank or reservoir.

The latest bumper cars in Guangsh Amusement Rides

Green eyebrow bumper car green brow bumper car is a bright color, the majority of users like the product, it is bumper cars, one product line in 2014 the latest, and that a green eyebrow bumper cars internal configuration, not only has the ultimate bumper car circuit plate, and has a colorful bumper car gorgeous appearance, so from another point of view, this is not only a product of excellent quality, and beautiful appearance.

Bumper Cars For Sale

Our recommended products-devaluation pink mouth bumper cars, which a bumper car with its beautiful appearance, more by the majority of ladies like friends, a camera which is mainly used in color pink-based, of course, which will be equipped with a little white, overall with a reasonable, so that a pink mouth bumper cars more in tune with modern society,

How to create a high quality electric bumper car

How to create a high quality electric bumper cars, electric bumper cars are a lot of manufacturers are pursuing, for a lot of electric bumper car manufacturers not only put a lot of manpower and resources, and some bumper cars to hire a professional technician.

In fact, from the things that concerned, in order to manufacture a novel by the public like electric bumper cars, it is very easy to do. First, from a manufacturer concerned, it is necessary to require that a manufacturer must be professional, which is a professional bumper car manufacturers. Only in this industry to become a professional, be possible to grasp the deeper bumper car technology. The master lapping bumper car technology is the key to manufacturing a new type of bumper cars. Another thing is to the manufacturers of the sale and promotion of a certain test, a new type of bumper cars manufactured products, but no professional sales and communication channels, that also nobody cares, people are not known, it is far from new or old.

carousel becomes amusement park’s essential tool to make money

Over the years, Carousel is always an integral part of the park, whether it is large or small amusement park, take care to families with young children, tourists, operators who are willing to introduce some colorful, play each different but very safety for amusement park rides. With the children's amusement park and a hot commercial real estate format for children's attention, in the last 2014 or even earlier time, children's play from the local and overseas manufacturers ushered in a new round of development. Many amusement park rides manufacturers have begun to develop the children's play areas sights, developed a children's classes and parent-child class a variety of innovative products for amusement. In addition, the industry also emerged a number of brand new children's amusement park rides, procurement of equipment for the majority of operators offer more possibilities.

In the premise of ensuring safety, manufacturers are trying to join some of the new experiences, features children's play equipment in order to get more attention and favor of the market, this change comes from the booming market demand and increasingly fierce market competition. Whether in a large theme park, or major shopping centers, malls and family entertainment centers, Carousel rides which occupies an important corner. Then turn horse amusement park rides should pay attention to when choosing what areas?

How to prepare for the busy season of kiddie rides

Golden September and Silver October, many industries have also ushered in the season, and Coin Operated kiddie rides industry, too, along with eleven season approaching, continue to have some new Coin Operated kiddie rides out, and of course you want to get more revenue, operating kiddie rides when they are in need of special attention to what matters it? Henan Guangsh Amusement Rides will introduce a few of it!

1, first, in the election in the kiddie rides, you should choose the regular manufacturers, shield small factory, there is no business license "small workshop."